Namibian Hardwood for Sale

Enjoy the smell of Namibia in Cape Town

Namibian hardwood for sale in Cape Town.
Own Production & Own Transport.

Dry, heavy and dense wood, producing long lasting and slow burning coals.

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All pre-packed bags are 20kgs

Rooi Kameel @ R100.00
Young Kameeldoring @ R90.00
Sekelbos @ R90.00

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50 Bags or More

Order 50 bags or more and only pay:
Rooi Kameel @ R90.00
Young Kameeldoring @ R80.00 
Sekelbos @ R80.00

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Bulk Orders

Full 34 ton link available at 
a discounted price. Please contact
us directly for a quote

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Mopane hardwood

Found in Southern Africa, widely used for various purposes due to its exceptional qualities. Mopane firewood is highly regarded for its durability and hardness which results in a slow burn. Mopane is ideal for braaiing as it is a long-lasting fire and produces very little smoke compared to other wood.  

Rooi Kameeldoring

A dense and durable wood, resulting in being a very popular braai wood in South Africa and Namibia. Its characteristics gives it a reputation for producing high heat output and long-lasting fires. Rooi Kameeldoring is perfect for heating and braaiing when properly burned and seasoned.  

Sekelbos hardwood

A highly sought after firewood for its density and hardness which creates a long-lasting source of heat. Like other ramibian hardwoods, it burns slowly and evenly however, when burnt it emits a pleasant, aromatic scent, enhancing the ambiance of the fire. Sekelbos produces relatively little smoke and sparks compared to softer wood. 

Young Kameeldoring

Boasts unparalleled density and a slow, steady burn. Known for its ability to produce intense heat and a long-lasting flame, this premium firewood is a great choice for creating warm, inviting atmospheres and for efficient braaiing. Young Kameeldoring is the ideal option for those seeking a reliable and powerful source of heat. 

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