Go Slow

“Go Slow” Travel with Absolut Tours

The new travel concept from Absolut Tours where you really get to “stop and smell the roses”. Now you don’t need to rush from "sight to sight", but have time to enjoy and let the experience sink in.

Immerse yourself in what your destination has to offer, from an indulgent breakfast to unspoilt natural beauty with time to soak up all the sights and sounds on offer.

We have specially designed itineraries to maximise this experience either as a group or as an individual.

Our Destinations

Explore some of the best that Southern Africa has to offer. Visitors will start with a visit to the world-famous Victoria Falls on the edge of the Zambezi river and enjoy a number of breathtaking experiences in the area.

The next stop includes the Ngoma Plains and Chobe river across the border in Botswana. Visitors will be treated to a real African wildlife experience, surrounded by elephants and the like. 

A quick flight down to Cape Town makes up the last leg of the journey and travellers will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful and diverse cities  in the whole world. 

Enquire with our team for more information about our "Go Slow" tours. 

Enjoy this tour either in the company of a knowledgeable and experienced guide or drive by yourself at your own pace with the self-drive option. A visit to any one of these Southern African gems will leave visitors amazed and inspired by this country's natural beauty. This tour starts with a visit to the capital, Windhoek before departing the city for the wide Namibian landscapes. 

Visitors will enjoy a safari in the Etosha National Park, a leisurely stay in the quaint coastal town of Swakopmund for a feel of the crisp ocean air, a taste of bounty of the Atlantic and a quick history lesson. The crowning glory of this tour is a visit to the spectacular dunes of the Namib Desert at the iconic Sossusvlei.