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Our Fleet

Absolut Tours & Safaris has its own large fleet of vehicles. All vehicles are exceptionally well maintained at our strategically positioned depots in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Maun and Victoria Falls. They can be chartered on request. We also have TOYOTA Landcruisers Game Viewer in our fleet (only used in Botswana) as well as Kalkhoff & Giant trekking bicycles and Giant E-bikes. However, those cannot be hired individually.

Overland trucks

Overland Trucks

The trucks used by Absolut Tours & Safaris are mainly expedition vehicles, specifically designed for African roads and terrains.


Through our many years of experience in this area, we customise each vehicle in our workshop to ensure that our clients experience maximum comfort during their journey. Of particular importance to us is that every vehicle has large windows to ensure an expansive view from every seat. In addition, the vehicles have modern and comfortable seats, as one is accustomed to in Europe. Naturally, each vehicle is fitted with an on-board kitchen, including fridge, air-conditioning, and ample dust-free storage space.


Our trucks are all inspected for compliance with the highest possible standards set by the South African board of road-worthiness and vehicle safety. Every vehicle is routinely checked to ensure it is up to standard with environment and safety certificate prerequisites.


We mainly use our trucks on some of our Namibian routes.

Absolut tours & safaris Minibuses


We have a large fleet of IVECO minibuses and MERCEDES Sprinter, built to the high standards of Absolut design. These small buses carry 15-16 passengers in comfort, with air-conditioning, opening windows, and a luggage trailer.


These vehicles are mainly used in South Africa where the road conditions are of good quality.

Absolut tours & safaris Semi-Luxury Coaches

Semi-luxury Coaches

Our semi-luxury coaches are specifically tailor-made for Namibia’s road conditions. The buses have 30 newly constructed seats which offer our guests more comfort as they can be moved sideways thus allowing for more space. The big windows can be opened widely and therefore making photographing easier. To optimize the comfort during the tours they also have 2 air-conditioners and a big refrigerator in the back.

Absolut tours & safaris bicycles

Bicycles & E-Bikes

It’s becoming more and more popular to travel the world on a bicycle. It’s a lot easier to slow down, breathe, and immerse yourself in a foreign country in a more active and fulfilling way. We have Giant & Kalkhoff Trekking bicycles as well as Giant E-Bikes in our fleet, which can be used either as the only mode of transport or just for a few parts of the journey.